School is often termed as temple of education where students evolve themselves from childhood to adulthood. This period marks an important phase in student’s lives as it stimulates the overall development of them. Personality plays an integral role so as to impart a holistic education. Our personality is the true reflection of our inner being. It is vital to develop an outgoing and striking personality that will boost the quality of learning and educating.

At Hallmark Public School, we give equal importance to academics as well as uplifting the overall development of the students. We are often counted among best CBSE School is Panchkula because of our consistent and innovative style of teaching and postulating a wholesome education to our students.

We believe that teachers are tools for shaping the overall personality of the students. It is a huge responsibility of them to ensure that each student is evolving each day at school. It is indeed that a teacher’s success is directly co-related to a student’s success. To foster the same we conduct regular training and counseling sessions for teachers so as to make them aware of the problems, issues or concerns from a student’s perspective and on how to deal with those in the most rational and understandable manner. We suppose that it is important to sharpen the arc before we cut a tree therefore at Hallmark every teacher is first counseled and trained in relates to the matters which are to be dealt on everyday basis so that they can transfer their learning from those to the students. It is quite a fact that a good teacher recognizes the caliber of every student and teaches them with their kind of thinking level.

We are extremely proud to be among the top schools in Panchkula. To live upto that mark, we proactively work towards imparting quality education to our students. To stimulate the same, it is important for us to enhance the personalities of our teachers so that same is being bestowed on our students. In this era of modernization, we believe that good academic background and charismatic personality definitely are key pointers in shaping the future of students.