Corporate Social Responsibility marks the means of a valuable contribution towards the society so as to facilitate the development and enhancement of society socially and environmentally. It is an effort which improves the society in some manner and creates a positive impact.

At Hallmark Public School, we believe that it is imperative for our students to understand that the goal of education is not just to evolve them but also work for the upliftment of the society. Being ranked among the top CBSE Schools in Panchkula , we ensure that we  contribute towards the society and do our bit in educating the people about some of the clandestine issues prevailing in the society which normally are not taken upon in a public podium.

Our Flash Mob Of Panchkula was one of our contribution towards educating the society in relates to “Violence Against Women”. This is one such issue we believe needs to be taken up. It is the need of the hour to eliminate violence against women and girls from our society. To foster the same, we persuade our students to do their part in eradicating this crucial and controversial issue from the society. The key point in this mob was to create a safer world where all girls and women can get equal opportunities to rise to their desired levels.

We always want that our students must learn from each and every activity we conduct inside or outside the school premises so as to impart a holistic education. It is because of our everlasting and consistent efforts in making students learn from the classroom teachings and apply the same in their practical life which makes us achieve the position of best schools in Panchkula.

We ensure that all Hallmarkites is exposed to a curriculum which allow them to think intensively and critically.