English is considered as a global language and accepted as a colloquial language across the world. It is of prime importance that young students need to be taught the essence of the language in their growing years so that they are confident and versed with the language in the later years.

At Hallmark Public School, the academic curriculum for the kindergarten wing is designed in a way which has a plethora of fun activities to prosper greater learning’s in a child. The CBSE School imparts education for the emotional, social and physical development of young children for it has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become. It is important to invest in very young children so as to maximize their future well-being. The faculty keeps coming with innovative and creative ideas to develop learning interest among the young students. The kindergarten wing students recently were exhilarated when the instructor played the game of “Tongue Twisters” in the class. The beauty of the game was that the teachers themselves made the Tongue Twisters which will be suitable for the young minds to grasp and learn faster. Every topic is taught in a step by step manner wherein the teacher first teaches vocabulary to the kids. This comprises of making students learn word meanings and sentence formation. The students are then asked to relate a story of their own experience while enunciating the Tongue Twister. This way, not just the creative aspect but also the essence of communication is taught to the students. The main idea behind making this activity so engaging and participative was to help all children improve their articulation and pronunciation.

The top School in Panchkula feels that Tongue Twisters are the best exercise for speech enhancement and such therapy can help reorganize brain connectivity and reduce stuttering and other speech-related issues. Adding further, these activities enhance the vocabulary of a child which acts as very crucial while learning a new language.