Annual Day is one such event which every school looks forward every year. Everyone is greatly excited for the event and the preparations are in full swing weeks before the actual event. It is a grand occasion for every member of the school including the students, teachers and even the other staff members who contribute sincerely to the growth and progress of the school all year long.

Hallmark Public School this year comes with “JOYTOPIA- Let Happiness Rule the Roost.”It aims at bringing together people and ensuring cultural diversity and intellectual exchange by spreading happiness through their performances. The top CBSE School in Tricity wants to pay a tribute to the Unity and integrity of people of different cultures and backgrounds to inculcate its students the global diversity. The creative and larger than life backdrops which they have used in their various programs indeed depicts the concept really well.

There will be lot of action and drama on that particular day . Many activities are to be squeezed into the short time-frame and every child has that urge and eagerness in him/her to to be an active part of the event. Such events not only make the children enthusiastic and excited but also there are a plethora of learning behind them. Students get to learn life skills like skills in communication and literacy, decision making, occupational requirements, problem-solving, time management and planning. The Principal Mrs. Kavita Wadhwa considers such learning as lifelong learning for students wherein it is a long term learning for the kids which would help them grow further in their life irrespective of whichever industry they choose to be in future.

The kind of hard work and effort being put in by the school with some thoughtful planning and implementation itself shows that how grand the function is expected to be.