The kindergarten is a pyramid for the early childhood education. As the kids hit pre-school age, kindergarten can help the child grow mentally, physically and emotionally. It becomes very much critical that at this stage the child learn skills that they will build on throughout their life. Most importantly a child will be learning to become an effective learner as they develop and extend their communication skills, build their self-confidence, learn to be creative, and develop skills that assist them with reading and writing.

Learning skills at a tender age

The best CBSE School in Tricity ensures that a child is taken care well with relates to their mental and physical development. The school carried its innovative learning practices by conducting an activity for its kindergarten wing. The activity was of recognizing parts of plants through a blind fold Activity. The faculties Ms. Pooja Arora and Ms. Sonika Sharma came up with this creative idea so as to make the kids learn multiple skills while playing. The faculties count on the fact that kindergarten acts as a formative year of a child’s evolution and advancement. It is a time wherein the child learns the most by picking up things from the environment and imbibes those skills for a long time.

Blend of Practical and Theoretical Learning

Considering this thought, the faculty at Hallmark Public School always keeps practical learning in parallel with the theoretical knowledge. The activity involved the students to get themselves blindfold first and then identify the plant by touching and smelling it and recognizing which part of plant it is. It was certainly a very engaging activity wherein all the kids were super excited for their turn to come. Such creative activities not only develop the five senses of a child further but also expand the life skills of a child. Management skills like team work, co-operation, leadership skills, decision making and communication are inculcated in every kid at a very young age. Therefore it is the responsibility of each school to carry out such participative and creative activities in the teaching methodologies.