The social sciences encompass diverse concerns of society and include a wide a range of content drawn from the disciplines of history, geography, political science, economics and sociology enabling students to develop a critical understanding of society.

Modernistic Approach

At Hallmark Public School, the teaching methodology of social science is quite modernistic. The faculty Ms Mehak tries to make the so-called dull subject interesting among the students by relating realistic events while teaching them because she feels that ways the students learning power will be more and they will be able to retain it longer. The top CBSE School in Tricity ponders a reading habit among its students in their curriculum for they believe that this would keep them updated with current affairs and also would improve their vocabulary and command over the language. It is quite interesting to witness when the faculty relates the current trending topic while teaching a topic in the class. An instance of that would be relating the Lokpal bill with French Revolution. Following such practices in teaching, history develops an interest among the students as they are able to correlate the topic with the present situation.

Educating Women Safety

The curriculum also focuses on woman safety and security. Students are educated on several issues pertaining to women abuse like rape and exploitation for the school believes that educating the students in their formative years will give them a right thought into such sensitive issues. Here the teachers are first counsellors who take deep interest in taking care of mental, physical and psychological issues of the children.

 Evaluation through Logical Reasoning

The assessment of students is done in a way which tests their logical reasoning abilities along with the course syllabus. This futuristic concept makes the students not only prepare for their school exams but also make them ready for the competitive world. It is quite evident that such teaching pedagogies not only make the subject interesting but also makes the students learn much more apart from their course curriculum.