The Robot game is not lucid as it seems. There is months of preparations and dedication involved and of course most of the time is dedicated in making of a Chassis. Chassis is the base which will decide the fortune of the team. Every team plan and build it with the help of design and mechanical assistance of their team members and further programming is done to carry forward the game.

The NALAYAKS chassis is a wonder box and they are proud of it. They have put in their best efforts to create a chassis which has many scandalizing features. It is something where your trust lies in. The NALAYAKS chassis has 3 colour sensors which instantly take commands and follow it up during the game, they have designed racks which are meant to complete the tasks, they have build various cages of different sizes which can be quickly fit in or get attached to the chassis in a few seconds; saving their precious time and making them score more.

The Gear Job

Gears are something which can make you perplexed as well as put you in a dilemma at the same time. One has to be very careful while using them. The NALAYAKS have used many different Gears in their Chassis and they are very confident about their unique qualities. The kind of gears chosen is Bevel gears, Tooth gears, crown gears, Pinion and Dog gears. One very important thing to be kept in mind while attaching them with chassis is the gap or the distance required between the gears, their sizes and suitability. Gears monitors and works as driving mechanism to the chassis. Pankhuri the project head of the team said, “Dog gears are my personal favourite because of its clutch mechanism that helps in quicker attachment between the cages and the chassis.” Pinions are basically driving gears, they speed up the chassis and crown gears are powerful, rough and tough, they are also called knob gears. Streamlined use of hear suitability is again important. The team thus is applying different mechanism to tackle various challenges and overcoming complexities of the game.

Distinctiveness of their Rob

Not many are good at taking risks but when it comes to The NALAYAK, they are up for turning any stone in every possible way! They have used Gyro sensors which have not been used by any of the team presently in the competition. They are also known as angular velocity sensors. They are sharp and sensitive in nature. It work as a magnet or compass in the chassis. It is a product of future electronics. They are many types of gyro sensors, it is very important that you pick the most suitable one for your chassis. There qualities are that they are angle sensing and works as control mechanisms for the chassis. The team gives Kunal every bit of praise since he is the programmer and has done great research in knowing it.