Designing and Programming are two imperative words which hold an essential significance in the Robot game. Designing helps in creating the structure of the Robot and programming helps in directing it. These two moves parallel to each other. They are of great strategic significance. There are different mechanisms which are used to run the Robot and some analyses is done to accomplish the mission. Not only this, one has to keep vigilance over the rival teams because their strategies will affect the score in the final game. The Robot game requires active research. A lot of parallel planning is done before creating the final structure of the chassis. Chassis or a Robot box is the most important device on which the game is relied upon.

Chasing an apt Chassis

It usually takes months to build a chassis because all the tasks are supposed to be performed by it. The “Chassis or the Robot is our strength in the game; our months of hard work and practices will portray our efforts by it. It is the key to success. It is a golden device which will help us win the game.” said by the captain of the team. Captain Jatin has been working on the project since a good time now and has full-fledged knowledge about its operations.

Chassis made by The NALAYAKS has color sensors which in itself is a superb innovation. “The size and type of the wheels used, distances between the gears, angle and weight of the Robot, kind of motors to fit in and choosing the right tracks and cages is what makes a chassis a perfect Robot.” said the head programmer of the team. He has done an intensive research on Robot development and is known as an apt consultant in the team. The game is majorly dependent on how you build your robot and its essential features, nature of devices and of course the technical skills applied while developing it.

If you have a technical clarity of the subject then in no time you shall meet excellence in it. True said The NALAYAKS have expanded their comfort zones and build a rare challenge for rest of the teams. In one of the rounds they place their robot in at upside-down position which can fetch extra points to them. They find it a pioneering strategy for the team which proves the hard-hitting feature of the Robot. “We have worked upon different attachments and structure making of the Robot and have taken care of its delicacy by drawing a lot of information and learning from different websites.” said by Pankhuri, the project head of the team.

“We celebrate diversities through these kind of competitions, it is a perfect platform for children to grow and nurture as natural leaders.” said by the Principal and mentor of the team, Miss Kavita.