The LEGO League is an interesting solution building competition which will inspire generations to find sustainable development in a right way. Each team has to build a constructive solution to various environmental challenges. There are rules which have to be followed strictly by the teams. Each team will be given 3 attempts to demonstrate their best and attempt with maximum points will be taken as the final score of the respective teams. Time is going to be a major struggle for teams. Since as many as 100 teams are going to perform so the time is limited.


One female and two male members of the team are subjected to handle different positions in the team. The Captain and Mechanical Designer of the team is Mr. Jatin, 11th grade student who is a master in analysing different challenges with his unique capabilities. Here comes Ms. Pankhuri, a vibrant girl who is the Project Head of the team and holds great potential and knowledge of the whole project. The last and the youngest Programmer of the team is Mr. Kunal, who is a keen observer and a dynamic boy and an expert in quick solutions.

The Strategy – Go Bold

The team is dedicated towards finding a suitable solution in order to tackle different environmental challenges. They are working tough in order to get their robots and their mechanism right. They are aiming to score near about 400 points and are equally excited to visit United Kingdom for the first time. Beating the national and the regional teams in the past, they are now ready to thrash their major competitors in the finale. They say, “It is going to be a life changing competition leading us towards many opportunities in the forthcoming future.”

We ideate, create and work together towards a better world.