Don’t we all want a happy and a confident child? Don’t we all wish that when people see our child, they wonder what kind of upbringing has he/she got? Well, the answer to both the questions lie in parenting itself. Yes folks, if you as parents adopt these simple but effective tactics in your day to day life, your child would not only be confident but the happiness would be evident from his/her face. So, here are a few tips:

Your child should be your world

Make your child realize that he/she is precious to you. It doesn’t mean that you pamper them but give them your time. Spend as much time as you can with your kids and listen to them, be it their school routine or any kind of problem.

Let your child take baby steps towards decision making

None of us wants our children to be dependent on us for lifetime. Set them free and let them take decisions of their life. So, does it mean having no control over the child? Well, absolutely not. Discuss with your child repercussions of each and every decision that they take. To make the child confident start indulging them in household decisions. Seek their occasional advice and voila you will have a confident child right in front of you. 

Eat meals together

If you want to boost your child’s confidence, spend quality time with him and have meals together and Don’t switch on the TV while eating. Engage each other in lively discussions, crack jokes etc. By the time the day ends, you will see a grin on your child’s face.

Don’t shout at your child

It can be difficult at times but try not to shout at your child. Even if he/she has done something wrong, make him/her understand the reason why their action wasn’t appropriate.

However, it’s not just the responsibility of parents to help become their child happy and confident. School also plays an important role in this sphere as after home, a child spends most of his/her time in school. At Hallmark, teachers and management strives that the child become happy and confident one. For this the school adopts a very holistic approach and ensures that all round development of the child is taken into consideration. Students are taught to develop meaningful relationships with their teachers as well as fellow students. Sharing and caring is the motto of the school that helps to develop children as happy and caring human beings. Last but not the least is that children are taught the art to forgive each other so that ego and grudges don’t enter into relationships. Another interesting feature that the school practices is brainstorming and group discussions sessions.

You might wonder that these two are academically related so how will they make your child confident and happy. Well, in group discussions, various topics on day to day life are taken up and the students interact with each other in a healthy manner. The students thus master the art to present their view points in front of others with confidence. Apart from this, in brainstorming sessions students are encouraged to think in manner in which they can bring about a difference in the life of others. So, the child not only becomes confidence but in turns feel happy when his/her idea is appreciated by the fellow students as well as teachers.

So, welcome to a place of holistic development that ensures the child to become confident and happy and paves path for his/her future.